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Caring And Courteous Attorneys Committed To Resolve Your Issue

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Ensure The Protection Of Your Rights Through A Strong Defensive Strategy

Criminal charges can wreak havoc on anyone’s life, damaging reputations, careers, relationships and rights. Whether you’ve been charged with a petty misdemeanor or a felony offense, responding quickly to the charges against you is a crucial first step toward ensuring the protection of your rights and potentially a more favorable outcome.

At Dittmer, Wagoner & Steele LLC, we understand what’s at stake and the importance of providing immediate assistance even before law enforcement officers take you into custody. Our goal is to keep you out of jail and charges off your record, which is why we get to work reviewing your case and identifying the best defensive strategy the moment you contact our firm. Your best interests will always be our top concern as we guide you through criminal proceedings toward the best possible outcome.

Experienced Attorneys Handling Misdemeanors And Felony Charges

While we consider ourselves to be a general practice firm, each of our criminal defense attorneys has extensive experience handling a wide range of criminal matters. We’re highly adept negotiators and trial lawyers, with individual track records of success securing favorable plea deals, dismissals and acquittals, trial outcomes, expungements and appeals.

We have experience defending clients against a range of charges, including:

  • State and federal drug crimes — including possession and distribution charges for marijuana, cocaine, heroin, prescription drugs, methamphetamine and other controlled substances
  • White collar crimes — including wire and mail fraud, credit card fraud, mortgage fraud, embezzlement, identity theft, money laundering, forgery, internet crimes and other financial crimes
  • Property crimes — including shoplifting, petty theft, armed robbery, trespassing, vandalism and burglary
  • Violent crimes — including assault, battery, armed robbery, domestic violence, kidnapping, murder and homicide
  • Sex crimes — including date rape, statutory rape, sexual assault, solicitation of a minor, molestation, sexting and other sex offenses
  • DUI/OVI offenses — including first offenses, repeat offenses, felony offenses, underage drinking, breath test refusals and vehicular manslaughter cases
  • Death penalty cases

Whether you’re facing a misdemeanor or a felony at the state or federal level, you can rest assured knowing we will take whatever steps we can within the scope of the law to refute the charges against you. Our criminal defense lawyers, led by Jeffrey A. Dittmer, are highly detail-oriented and never overlook even the smallest piece of evidence. We will look at police reports, evidence and eyewitness testimony and speak with experts to get the whole picture so we can more adequately defend you inside and outside the courtroom.

Get Legal Counsel Now When You Need It Most

The longer you wait to speak with a criminal defense attorney about your case, the more time you give law enforcement to build a strong case against you. Depending on your situation, you may not realize that procedural missteps have led to the violation of your constitutional rights or that you are being offered a plea deal that is not in your best interests. Whatever the case, our legal team can help you.

If you would like to speak with a lawyer at our firm right away, call our Gahanna office at 614-800-2400. You may also contact us online using our contact form if it’s more convenient. We provide free 30-minute consultations to clients throughout Franklin County and surrounding Ohio counties.