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Can I move for a new job and bring my child?

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2019 | Divorce

When you’re offered a new job, it’s an exciting feeling. If it comes with a raise and is in a location you’ve been wanting to move to, it’s even better. What’s not great is when that job comes with the realization that you may not be able to bring your child.

As a divorced parent, you know that the other parent also has a right to see your child. You share custody, but that doesn’t mean that you get the right to move far away with your child. You and your ex-spouse will have to come to an agreement on what happens in this situation. If you can’t, then a judge has to step in.

Parental relocations are difficult. They’re hard on children, too. There are a couple of reasons why they’re not in the best interest of your child. Those reasons include:

  • Changing schools
  • Changing routines
  • Leaving behind family members
  • Having less time with the other parent

However, there could be benefits, like:

  • A better income for the relocating parent
  • Better schools
  • Being closer to other family members

With this in mind, you can sit down with your ex-spouse to discuss the positives and negatives of this move. In case you cannot come to an agreement and a judge does not agree to allow your child to go with you, you have the option of taking the job without bringing your child, but you will become a noncustodial parent and may only have visitation in those circumstances.

This is something to consider carefully. Your attorney can discuss the case with you and help you find a resolution.