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Christmas options for divorced parents 

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2021 | Child Custody

Children often see the Christmas season as a magical one full of fun and family time. This can make things challenging for divorced parents, as they want to create this same sort of atmosphere, but they have to share custody of the kids. 

This can also lead to conflicts if parents do not plan in advance. If both parents thought the children would come to their home on Christmas Eve and wake up there on Christmas morning, someone is going to be severely disappointed when their holiday plans do not pan out. It’s far better to plan in advance so that you know what to expect. 

Split up the day

The first option is to divide the day. Maybe the children start out at your house and then you bring them to your ex’s house around lunch. You both get to see them for half of Christmas, which may not be ideal, but at least feels fair. 

Swap holidays every year

Another option is to swap holidays each year. This year, the children are with your ex on Christmas Day, but you get them on Thanksgiving and New Year’s. Next year, you just flip the roles so that you have them on Christmas. 

Celebrate together

Of course, you also set up a joint celebration with you and your ex. Maybe the kids are at your house, so your ex comes over for brunch and a gift exchange. This isn’t possible for all couples, but those who are on good terms can usually make it work. 

Planning in advance for the holidays is important, so always be sure you understand your legal options. If a custody issue develops, it may be wise to seek some experienced guidance before you decide your next move.