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Beware of impaired drivers this holiday season

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2021 | Drunk Driving Accidents

The holiday season is associated with parties of all sorts. Some of these include alcoholic beverages for adults. Anyone who’s going to consume these drinks should ensure they have a way to get home that doesn’t involve them getting behind the wheel.

Unfortunately, some partygoers assume they’re in a condition to drive themselves home. This puts others on the roadways in danger of being hit by an impaired driver. It’s imperative that you wear your seatbelt and keep an eye out for signs of impairment in other drivers.

What are the common signs of impairment to watch for on the roads?

There are many signs that a driver is impaired. Some of these include:

  •       Swerving in and out of lanes
  •       Stopping without a reason
  •       Driving at least 10 miles per hour slower than the speed limit
  •       Turning without using a signal
  •       Hitting or almost hitting objects on the side of the road
  •       Tailgating

Never try to approach an impaired driver. Instead, stay away from them and alert the police department of the situation. Even if you’re being very careful, there’s a chance that you’ll be struck by an impaired driver. If this occurs, you should immediately alert the authorities and have a medical evaluation.

Anyone who’s injured in a crash caused by an impaired driver should ensure they understand their right to seek compensation. These wrecks can lead to significant injuries that require considerable medical care. Filing a claim is an attempt to recover the financial damages associated with the crash. There are time limits built into Ohio law, so be sure you get your case filed as quickly as possible.