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Teens more likely to speed than those in any other age group

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2024 | Car Accidents

Teenagers are in a unique position when it comes to driving, and one area where this is particularly evident is in speeding behaviors. Teenagers are more prone to speeding than motorists in any other age group.

Several factors contribute to this trend, highlighting the importance of addressing speeding among teenage drivers.

Inexperience and risk-taking

A key factor contributing to teenagers’ propensity for speeding is their relative lack of driving experience. Many teenage drivers are newly licensed and may not grasp the potential consequences of speeding. Coupled with a natural inclination towards risk-taking behavior, this lack of experience can lead to disregard for speed limits and a tendency to drive at excessive speeds.

Peer influence and social pressure

Teenagers are subject to the influences of their peers. This influence extends to driving behaviors. Teens are more likely to speed with passengers in the vehicle. This is particularly true when they have passengers of a similar age in the car. The desire to impress friends can override safety considerations and adherence to speed limits.

Overconfidence and invincibility

Teenagers may also exhibit overconfidence in their driving abilities. Many also have a sense of invincibility and think they can handle higher speeds safely. This false sense of confidence can result in a disregard for speed limits. It can also lead to a willingness to take unnecessary risks while driving. Combined with a lack of awareness of the consequences of speeding, this overconfidence can contribute to dangerous driving behaviors among teen motorists.

According to Bankrate, 35% of male teen drivers involved in fatal accidents in 2020 were speeding at the time of their crashes. This was also true for 18% of female teen motorists. Raising awareness of the risks associated with speeding reduces speeding-related accidents and promotes safer roads for everyone.