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Making a success of your parenting plan 

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2021 | Custody

While the divorce process can involve numerous contentious issues, the best interests of the child are typically at the heart of the disputes when parents split up. 

Where practicable, the courts generally like both parents to be actively involved in the upbringing of the child. This means that barring any sort of potential endangerment to the child, both parents will need to maintain some sort of relationship after divorce. 

Co-parenting after divorce can be a test, but having a sound parenting plan can make the transition run much more smoothly. Outlined below are some key factors to making a success of your parenting plan

Find effective ways to communicate with your ex

Face-to-face conversations or telephone calls may not always be ideal, especially if you and your former spouse are prone to disagreements. Parents often find it helpful to communicate via email, so that information can be digested and cooling-off periods may take place. If you struggle to get along, you might consider having a more structured routine regarding communication over the children. 

Get the fundamentals right

Education and healthcare are likely to be at the top of the list of properties for you as a parent. Carefully consider who will make decisions regarding the medical treatment of your child. If an emergency takes place, it may not be possible for both parents to be present, so this sort of situation should be contemplated too. 

In terms of education, it is important to think about the present and the future. Education can be costly, particularly if your child plans to go on to college. With the appropriate lines of communication, you and your former spouse should be able to come to an arrangement that works for everybody. 

Co-parenting after divorce can certainly be challenging, but many parents manage to make a success of it. This could be the case for you, as long as you are fully aware of your legal rights in Ohio