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What are your rights when hurt on someone else’s property?

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2021 | Personal Injury

You can get hurt almost anywhere and for all kinds of unexpected reasons. You could fall down the stairs when visiting your aunt at her apartment or break an arm during a mugging in the dark parking lot of your neighborhood grocery store. 

Getting hurt on someone else’s property can lead to real consequences for you. You may have medical expenses and lost wages that you need to recover somehow. You could also suffer property damage, like breaking a phone worth hundreds of dollars.

How can you cover the expenses that you incur after getting hurt on someone else’s property in Ohio? 

You may have the right to make a premises liability claim

Both business and homeowner insurance policies may cover injuries suffered on someone else’s property. If there isn’t insurance that will reimburse you, you may need to bring the premises liability claim against the individual or business responsible for the maintenance of the property. 

Property owners owe a duty of care to every person who visits their property, with the exception of trespassers and other criminals. They should maintain their property in a safe manner, which includes removing snow from their sidewalks, keeping the stairs clear and keeping the floor dry. 

Not every injury is actionable, but those that are the result of clear negligence could result in a successful claim. If you get hurt because someone failed to maintain their property or didn’t invest in adequate security measures, they may have premises liability for your losses. 

Learning more about your rights when you get hurt can help you reduce the long-term effects of your injury on your life.