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Child custody. How do courts determine a child’s best interests?

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2022 | Child Custody

During your divorce and child custody proceedings, you may hear the phrase, the best interests of the child, several times. It is the standard that Ohio courts use when making child custody determinations.

Many parents in Gahanna worry over how the court’s determination of what meets their child’s best interests will impact custody. However, you do not need to fear this process because it helps to ensure your children remain protected throughout your custody proceedings.

What factors do courts look at during custody matters?

Although families and divorce situations are unique, there are several factors that courts nearly always look at when determining the best interests of children. Examples of these factors include:

  • The custody wishes of children (when mature enough to weigh in)
  • The child custody wishes of both parents
  • The proximity of each parent’s homes to one another
  • The physical and mental health of the parents and the kids
  • The willingness of each parent to cooperate and communicate
  • The willingness of each parent to foster the relationship with the other parent
  • The relationship between the children and each parent
  • The relationship between siblings and other household members

As you can see, these factors are more about your children and their needs than they are about you or your parenting. It may help you feel better to know that courts want to make sure your children receive care, love and time with both parents.

Learning more about Ohio child custody and divorce laws can also help you feel less apprehensive about your journey through the family court system.