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How alcohol causes car accidents

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2022 | Car Accidents

Everyone knows that alcohol can lead to car accidents. Drunk driving crashes are a leading cause of death every single year. There are a lot of non-fatal crashes, as well.

But have you ever wondered exactly how alcohol causes these car crashes? What is it about the effect that alcohol has on the human mind and body that makes someone more likely to crash their car?

Your coordination declines

One issue is that drivers have less coordination and less body control. Imagine someone who is so intoxicated that they are stumbling through the parking lot. Now imagine that person behind the wheel of a car. They just don’t have the control to drive properly, and they make mistakes that a sober driver would never make.

Your reaction times decline

One of the biggest problems is that reaction times can be cut dramatically. This is because someone who is intoxicated just isn’t processing the information that they’re being exposed to as quickly. They may see tail lights come on ahead of them and not put together that this means traffic is slowing down, for instance. By the time they get close enough to realize that the cars ahead of them are stopped, they don’t have enough space to stop themselves, and they cause a rear-end accident.

Seeking compensation if you’ve been injured

You never know when you’re sharing the road with a drunk driver. This is a risk that you face every time you go on the road, even if you stay sober. If one of them hits you and you suffer injuries, make sure you know how to seek financial compensation