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Could a business be liable for a drunk driving wreck in Ohio?

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2022 | Drunk Driving Accidents

There is plenty of information about drunk driving available to the public. There are even charity organizations that put up billboards on major roads warning people about the risk of drinking too much before driving.

Despite how well-known the risks are, some people still choose to drive while drunk. They cause crashes sometimes that have negative consequences for the other people involved. Massive property damage, permanent injuries and deaths are all possible in drunk driving crashes.

If the drunk driver doesn’t have enough personal assets or insurance to compensate the people affected, can those people make a claim against a bar or restaurant that served the driver instead?

Ohio does allow for dram shop claims

When an individual brings a financial claim against a business for providing alcohol to a drunk driver, they file a dram shop claim. In general, every individual who consumes alcohol is responsible for their own actions after drinking. Businesses cannot control what their patrons do after leaving their premises. However, companies should carefully adhere to state rules about serving alcohol to minimize the risk caused by their business model.

They should avoid serving more alcohol to someone who is already visibly drunk, and they should avoid serving alcohol to those who are under the age of 21. If you can show that a company served an individual well over the legal limit or who is not yet old enough to drink, then you might be able to bring a dram shop claim against the business for its contributions to the crash.

Knowing how the law works in Ohio can help you get compensation for injuries and property damage that result from a motor vehicle collision.