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Is Ohio’s shared parenting agreement the same as joint custody?

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2023 | Uncategorized

Child custody is one of the major areas of contestation in any divorce, especially when the parents cannot agree on how to raise their child. Joint custody gives both parents control over the decision-making for the child. They would have to communicate and agree before doing any action. In Ohio, this is the same as shared parenting.

In shared parenting, although the parents are each the residential parent, it does not necessarily equate to equal time. It gives each parent equal authority over the child’s physical, emotional, mental and overall well-being.

Is child support still necessary in a shared parenting agreement?

When the court awards a parent sole legal custody, the noncustodial parent is responsible for providing child support. A shared parenting agreement does not overturn this obligation. The court investigates these factors when awarding child support despite the custody arrangement:

  • The income of both parents: Once each parent provides their total income, the court will use this to determine the division of obligations between them. However, the court also considers how much each parent needs to meet their own basic needs. A parent should not go hungry trying to provide for their child.
  • The amount of time the child spends with the parent: Try as you may, the child will always spend more time with one parent. The parent with less time for the child may need to pay more.

Remember that the main purpose of any child agreement is that the child’s lifestyle will remain the same. A child may have a stronger relationship with a parent with fewer assets and less earning capacity.

Agree to keep your child happy

The best part about a shared parenting agreement is that you will always know what is happening to your child and can do something to improve it. A parent’s obligation does not end with their ability to provide for the financial needs of a child. It is giving all you can to do what you can to ensure your child is happy and healthy.