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What factors can impact child custody decisions in Ohio?

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2023 | Child Custody

Making child custody decisions can pose various challenges, depending on the family’s unique circumstances. Parents can have conflicting opinions and preferences regarding their child’s welfare when finalizing or modifying a decree. If you and your former spouse cannot resolve these issues, the court can step in to complete custody-related orders according to the case details.

In these situations, the judge uses various best-interest factors to make appropriate decisions, including the following:

  • Each parent’s opinions about their child’s care
  • The child’s wishes and concerns, if allowed to express them to the court
  • The child’s relationships within the family, including their parents, siblings and other relatives
  • Adjustments to living arrangements, affecting the child’s home, school and social lives
  • Physical and mental conditions of the child, the parents and other involved parties
  • Each parent’s capacity to implement the court-approved custody and visitation setup
  • Each parent’s ability to commit, exhibited through meeting child support obligations and other responsibilities
  • Each parent’s criminal history, notably offenses of violence, abuse or neglect
  • Each parent’s willingness to let the other parent maintain a relationship with the child
  • Each parent’s residence and plans to relocate to another state

The court can also adjust the parenting time arrangement based on other factors deemed relevant by the judge. Still, the final decision could vary if other factors may put your child’s welfare at risk.

Considering other circumstances

Parental rights and responsibilities are serious matters in court, requiring extensive evaluations and deliberation. These procedures might seem excessive, but they are necessary to prioritize the child’s best interests. Doing so can help secure your child’s safety and well-being despite your family’s circumstances.